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How to Order with CleanCloud for done4Ulaundry

Our Services

We do!  We use a 6-point inspection to ensure your items are cleaned and managed to perfection.  Our facility also has internal cameras for your peace of mind.  Rest assured our specialists handle your clothes carefully and professionally. Damage issues are highly unlikely due to our professional cleaning process, training, maintenance, equipment, detergents.  Please email us within 24 hours of any concerns with your order.  We’ll respond back ASAP with feedback and a resolution. We’ll pickup and review any items in question and clean again for free!

done4Ulaundry All-U-Can-Stuff laundry bags and Dry Cleaning bags cost $12 each.  Please notate in your order that you would like your custom bag delivered before your first pickup.  Typically, a few days notice is needed.  Also, feel free to pick up at one of our locations. Example CleanCloud order notes: I would like to purchase a XL All-U-Can-Stuff laundry bag for my weekly pickups. 

  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Linens
  • Bath mats
  • Pillowcases
  • Sweatpants
  • Sundresses
  • Hoodies
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Jeans
  • Yoga Pants
  • Baby Clothes
  • Flannel
  • And More

Note: Heavier items like comforters, blankets, pillows are priced by the piece.

It’s up to you, but kitchen trash bags work great.  Feel free to also stop by one of our locations to pickup your All-U-Can-Stuff Bags.

Yes! If you would like to add an additional subscription please add it from the app or send us a message.

Our custom eco-friendly high quality bags are heavy polyester with durable woven PVC base and has an extended, high cover to protect your items. Comes with draw cord, removable PVC base, 2 handles for easy transport.  Our bags are industry-leading value for the unmatched lineup of size, pricing, and turnaround time.

Small done4U Bag (20 lbs. | 15 gal. |15" X 10" X 12")

Large done4U Bag  (25 lbs. | 20 gal. |18" X 10" X 14 1/2")

Extra Large done4U Bag  (45 lbs. | 30 gal. |20" X 14" X 15")

Here’s who uses the plans:

M - Singles, Retirees, Students

L - Couples, Roommates, Athletes, Singles with a lot of followers

XL - Families 3+, Small business, Sports team, Airbnb

Expert laundry care is a specialized skill.  The fabricare industry includes many apparent and behind-the-scenes costs from: labor, supplies, energy, training, transportation, taxes, governmental surcharges, maintenance, equipment, building costs, insurance, inspections, gas, vehicles.  The typical item that is cleaned in our facility is cared for by 5 skilled experts. How were you ever doing it by yourself before?!

You have 60 days from the first day of your subscription billing cycle to use your subscription credits toward cleaning.

All-U-Can-Stuff bag subscription residential customers get next day delivery automatically for free. Pay-per-use customer orders are dropped off in 48 hours but can be rushed next day for $12 per bag. Pay-per-use over 150 pounds may need longer turnaround.

Very! You’ll save gas, money, time, stress with our service. Some done4Ulaundry subscription pricing can go as low as about $1 per pound.  The typical similar services charge averages of $2+ per pound (ugh, complicated math!) verses our simple, flat rate subscription option with speedy fast turnaround.

Both are amazing. Simply put- most items can be dry cleaned but not all can be laundered. Dry cleaning is great for your delicates and items needing to be hand-pressed.

No way! Your items are cleaned in our Burlington facility that is 15+ years old.

Your staff will love you for giving them this amazing perk. Use as employee perk for your top performers and managers to increase employee retention.

You’ll get 3 pickups and 3 deliveries automatically every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with no-haggle discounted pricing. You can also opt for our standard All-U-Can-Stuff plans.

We give our staff Saturday and Sunday off to recharge but feel free to schedule your subscription pickups around this down time. We’ll get your pickup & delivery on the day we reopen. Don’t worry we’ll email you. If you need an adjustment to your schedule just message us.

Typical Holiday’s Closed:

  • Juneteenth
  • Week of July 4th
  • First Monday in September
  • Week of Thanksgiving
  • Week of Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s
  • Dr. King Day

Whew pull up a chair, let’s chat a while. I’m sure you can relate that the pandemic has been challenging. Thankfully, we were named an essential business. We never closed but saw business down up to 90%. We’ve fought thru supply price increases, staffing constraints, supply shortages, utility price increases, other overhead price hikes. The pandemic has made us closer with our customers. We even changed our name during the pandemic. The pandemic helped us step up our innovation. Insert, our new delivery service that now comes to your home & business to help with your most hated chore.

Subscription customers that give us a 5-business day notice prior to pickup can get their bag delivered prior to their first pickup. All other custom bag delivery will happen when we deliver your cleaned clothes. Feel free to pickup at one of our locations.

Pickup & Delivery

Offices/Apartments/Dorms/Houses. We cover many addresses in Burlington/Chapel Hill/Mebane. Due to the governance and sophistication of on-campus pickup & delivery there may be fees for certain dorm service, based on our experience.

Yes, whether you're a family or a small business customer sometimes you need to have more than one pickup in a week! Maybe you need to keep your kid's sports clothes clean or you want keep a consistently clean uniform inventory.

More subscriptions equal bigger discounts.

Option 1) Leave a filled bag out on your regular Laundry Delivery Day for your driver to grab


Option 2) Schedule an additional pickup in the CleanCloud app.

Yes, of course!  The additional bag will count towards the next weeks in your subscription. If you want to add more please put a note in the app or in your bag.

You can definitely select your pickup day. Pickup times are based on the route for that day. Please ensure your clothes are out by 7a.  Pickup and drop off happen between 7a-7p. You’ll get notifications for every step.

No. Residential pickup and delivery bags will be left at your front or back door. We’ll send you multiple notifications for your comfort.

Your driver will notify you when on the way and when your items have been picked up/dropped off. done4laundry doesn’t accept responsibility for items left outside. If you worry about items being stolen we recommend pickup from your office or for you to drop at one of our locations.

Weekly and bi-weekly dry cleaning pickup customers receive next day delivery. Others will be delivered within 2 business days.

Yes. As long as your items are in a location where your driver can get them without major effort.

No pickup or delivery fees.

Yes, there is a minimum for non-subscription customers of $18 due to the multiple overhead cost.

Greater Burlington, Chapel Hill, Mebane. We’re always looking for new areas. In the meantime, you can also checkout our physical locations.

  • Subscription customers will receive Monday delivery.
  • Pay-per-use will receive Tuesday delivery.

Our Care

There are fewer chores here at done4Ulaundry! Our cleaning specialists will sort your items.

There are fewer chores here at done4Ulaundry! Leave this to our experts. We can successfully tackle about 90% of stains.

At a minimum we recommend, cleaning your top bed coverings every other month. Dirty bed linens pick up bacteria and fungus.

Some of your favorites like Tide, Downy, Gain, Seventh Generation.

We’re proudly eco-friendly from our cleaning solvents to our garment bags.


Your credit card is saved securely when you sign up. We will bill you automatically before we deliver.

Yes, you can pay us every 2 weeks! Your payments are automatically deducted from your card on file.

For simplicity, online and in-store pricing is the same.  The subscription plans work the same with both delivery and in-store. 

If you’re not inviting us on your vacation with you, then just send us a quick message! We’ll suspend your pickups until you return. Please let us know by 7a the day of pickup or drop off.

Our recurring customers are like family. Let us know if there has been a change in circumstances. Usually, we can figure out alternate options like suspending your services.  Regrettably, if needed you can cancel service before your billing date from the CleanCloud app.  You’re always welcome at done4Ulaundry.

No, you’ll be renewed and billed automatically. There are less chores here at done4Ulaundry!

Doing laundry correctly takes precious time, so we base our staff and route scheduling mainly off of our recurring customer traffic. Most services that offer delivery or in-store service take a good bit longer than we do for completion. To permanently get next day delivery for free try out a contractless monthly subscription plan.

Pay-per-use customers will be charged missed pickup fees of $25. Dirty items need to be out for pickup by 10a. Bio-hazard items will automatically be charged additional fees, if cleanable.

Experience the done4u difference for less

SAVE 50% off your first $50+ pickup using CODE 50percentoff$50. Ending soon. Give us your email for more great offers!

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