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Why are you still wasting so much time on laundry?

The average family spends an entire day just on laundry per week. That’s a full day wasted on loading, washing, sorting, and folding clothes. And when you’re struggling to find time to enjoy life, we know laundry gets in the way. That’s time you should be spending with your family and making memories with the people you love. Don’t waste another weekend doing laundry.

It’s time to take laundry off your to-do list.

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Cleaning laundry is slow, aggravating, and time-consuming. Most people give up a whole day of their week to dirty laundry. Done4Ulaundry is a weekly laundry subscription service to simplify life for busy professionals and families.

We pick up your dirty laundry, carefully wash and fold it, then deliver it back the next business day so you can stop worrying about your endless mountains of laundry and do something meaningful with your time.

Formerly known as Clean & Press 4 Less, we are here to serve Central North Carolina – the Piedmont Triad and Research Triangle.

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Never waste your time doing laundry again

24 Hour Turnaround

We will pick up and have your laundry returned to you fresh, clean, folded, and ready to wear again within 24 hours. Just choose your pickup day and time and you’re good to go! You’ll never be behind on laundry again.

Professionally Cleaned Laundry

Say goodbye to the sock gremlins. Our team of experts will make sure all your laundry gets returned to you sorted, washed, dried, and folded – no missing socks.

Variety of Laundry

We wash all kinds of laundry, from clothes to fine bed linens. We offer flat rate “All-U-Can-Stuff-Bags” that you can jam full of your laundry. Have something delicate or not sure if something is washable? Check out our FAQ here!

Clean Laundry for Everyone

For Home
For Business

Best for Families

per week

Woman pushing smiling baby sitting in washing basket. Baby enjoying laundry basket ride at home.

Nobody wants to waste their life doing chores

We know what it’s like to waste every weekend doing chores. That’s time you should be resting or getting out and having fun, not folding endless amounts of laundry.

Which is why we founded done4Ulaundry. done4Ulaundry provides a weekly laundry service that gives you time back in your week for work and family. In just the last year, we’ve served over 9,000 families and businesses in the North Carolina Research Triangle and Piedmont Triad.

The Stress-Free Laundry Plan

Stuff your bag

Fit up to 45lbs of laundry into each of your All-U-Can-Stuff subscription bags. Want to see our 3 industry leading subscriptions bags? Click here.

Get secure pickup

Our professional drivers will securely pick up your laundry.

We do your laundry

Get your laundry done4u! We will sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry.

Get your clean laundry back in 24 hours

Your fresh clothes will be delivered back to you the next day! We’ll even text with you with your delivery status.

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Looking for Laundry Services For Your Business?

When you need your hotel sheets or uniforms washed, done4Ulaundry has you covered for all your commercial laundry service needs!
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