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We Do Your Laundry So You Can Focus on Living

A recent study found that the average American spends 24 hours a month on household chores. In the time it takes to wash, dry, press, sort and fold your laundry, you are losing precious time with your loved ones you’ll never get back. At done4Ulaundry, our weekly laundry service gives you the ability to show up for date nights, birthday parties, bedtime stories, and those important milestones being taken over by monotonous chores.

At done4Ulaundry, we know you want to be the “they-have-it-all-together person” – but we all need help balancing family life, work, and most importantly, self-care in order to become the person we desire to be. The problem is time-consuming chores get in the way of family time, work time, and self-care time. Just imagine your life with fewer chores and more free time to focus on the things you care about.

The good news is subscription services like Amazon Prime and Instacart have helped you cut out crowded trips to Walmart. And Chewy eliminated toting heavy 50-pound food bags for your pup. But there’s one never ending chore on your long laundry list you still waste way too much time on – dirty clothes.

Cleaning laundry is slow and frustrating. It’s just not right that families and small businesses basically give up a whole day every week to dirty, stinky laundry – and it’s usually on the weekend when you should be relaxing, making memories, and having fun. Let’s be real, cleaning your own laundry is tough but cleaning everyone else’s is thankless.

We understand how monotonous life gets when it feels like all you do is keep up with chores.

You just want some time to get out and have fun (or relax and do nothing). At done4Ulaundry, we’ve created a way to eliminate the dreaded trips to the laundromat and dry cleaner. In fact, we’ve been in the dry cleaning business ourselves for 15 years (Clean & Press for Less). But “Zooming” and cancelled events during the COVID-19 pandemic meant fewer wedding and prom dresses needing to be cleaned, which hurt our business. We turned that pain into inspiration and shifted gears to find new ways to serve our community’s needs, which is why we founded done4Ulaundry. done4Ulaundry provides a modernized weekly laundry-subscription pickup service that gives you back time in your week for work and family.

Our laundry subscriptions have been exploding – people love our top-rated service.

Subscriptions help us connect and build long-term relationships with customers like you. In just the last year we’ve served over 9,000 businesses and families in the North Carolina Research Triangle and Piedmont Triad.

We saw that there was a huge problem with existing wash and fold laundry services — most companies charge to wash your laundry “by the pound.” But who weighs their dirty laundry? This didn’t seem right. It’s confusing and hard to budget for, so we chose to break the mold and charge an affordable “per bag” price. Our monthly “per bag” subscriptions will save you hundreds of dollars and hours per year. Pro tip: the bigger the laundry subscription bag, the bigger your discount! No more complicated calculations trying to guess how many pounds are in your laundry pile. Our modern laundry-subscription pickup service is priced how it should be — by the bag! Just stuff our custom eco-friendly bag with your dirty laundry until nothing else will fit 

We’ve made it incredibly easy to get started right from this device – just 1) Schedule Your Laundry Pickup, 2) Leave It Out Dirty, and 3) Get It Back Clean Next Business Day. As an early adopter, we’ll even save your spot and keep your pickup and delivery day and time the same every week. You can customize your preferences using the CleanCloud app, which gives you options for skin sensitivity, detergent type, fragrances, softeners, and a place for additional “need-to-know” notes. Select your subscription plan and preferred pickup day to automate clean laundry. We don’t just “do laundry,” we clean and care for your clothing and linens so you can live life and do something more meaningful with your time. You’ll get to brag to your friends and family: “my laundry driver even sends alerts when on the way”.

Stop wasting your life on your constantly growing mountain of laundry. Instead, spend your time creating memories with the people you love. Go ahead, start planning what to do with your free weekends. Date night? Yes! Weekend adventure with the kids? Yes, yes! Manicure with the girls? OH HECK YES!

The Stress-Free Laundry Plan

Stuff your bag

Fit up to 45lbs of laundry into each of your All-U-Can-Stuff subscription bags.

Get secure pickup

Our professional drivers will securely pick up your laundry.

We do your laundry

Get your laundry done4u! We will sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry.

Get your clean laundry back in 24 hours

Your fresh clothes will be delivered back to you the next day! We’ll even text with you with your delivery status.

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